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Specialized’s Bad Ass Electric Down / Up Hiller :: 2016 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR

This electric bike tech has come along way! Having gone through the review, I am impressed and envious. It looks like the best of both worlds between downhill mountain biking and dirt biking… both of which I dig a lot. Difference is this hybrid, easy maintenance (no more top-end rebuilds, oil / gas mixing, etc.), quiet, decent charge time and milage… kick-ass beast of a bike that weighs wayyy less than your yz250. While their is a sacrifice in immense power and balls our two/four stroke engines offer… I think this is a great glimpse of the future where electric bike technology is heading.

It’s Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo — More Mountain Bike Photos

Got Chickens?

Love these girls… my kids do too.  They eat anything smaller than themselves.  Keeping spiders and other bugs under control.  Plus their eggs are the best.  I know where they came from, what they ate and how my girls have been treated… love the sense of independence it brings and top quality it provides.  Best chicken waterer on the market is from which has helped me a ton.  Don’t have to clean and refill all the time.  Thing paid itself off first month of use.

I Want One!

The future of personal transportation is looking good! Segway, what?!

Been some time since a ride

That’s pathetic.  No matter the excuses (b/c excuses are for losers) I gotta get my coughing, achy ass back on the saddle.  I know it’ll do me good.


She’s making the drop!  Cool photo from

Contra Loma Park – Moon Ride (Filtered To Brighten Up Video)

Luca Shaw Yaaaaaaa!

Anyone catch the UCI Cairns dh in Austrailia? For being one of the most dangerous places on earth… looks like a lot of fun! Bernard Kerr and Eliot Jackson hit the 50 footer, during the second round of the UCI MTB World Cup, Cairns, Australia.luca-shaw-junior-leader-in-the-series-during-the-second-round-of-the-uci-mtb-world-cup-cairns-australia

What? There’s a Bear Grylls Academy?

Learn From One Of The Masters

Proved to be a success when they launched in the UK in 2012.  With a handful of courses aimed towards everyone… families, kids, adults, etc..  Apparently they teach instructor courses as well.  Which is a cool prospect to ponder.  With that you can get paid to teach others.  Show them the ways you learned by BGSA.

About the Academy

About Instructors

Best Beer :: Don’t bother with the other stuff

Biking to Flying, with the Hawk

After scaling up steep rooted trails,  technical rocky climbs and the most fun… dropping in on the dh bliss, as a result you can really work up an appetite and thirst.  I need more calories to keep up with my riding, otherwise I’ll whither up and blow away in the wind.  Beer helps and I like it too! :)

I’ve tried a variety of beers over the years and am not a big fan of too many beers…. the primary type of beer I like is ale.  Especially the American style ale, hand crafted Eye Of The Hawk brewed & bottled by the Mendocino Brewing Company.



Here is the write up (below) on this delicious and quenching ale from the brewery themselves, Mendocino Brewery Company:

Eye of the Hawk is an excellent, rich bodied ale that is brewed to perfection. “Eye” is coppery reddish-amber in color and its unique taste is the result of a judicious mix of caramel and pale malted barley, balanced with Cluster, Cascade and Saaz hops. This gives the Eye its luxurious flavor, substantial mouth-feel and that slightly dry finish. Eye of the Hawk has garnered a cult following that is enviable.

I have been drinking this for over ten years now and nothing compares to the taste, body, finish, etc..  It’s got some kick at 8% alcohol and can sneak up on you if you like them TOO much! 😉   I really don’t waste my time trying other ales unless I don’t have this treat as an option when I go to bars / restaurants.

Get a good ride in and grab a six pack of this wonderful elixir on your way home.  Crack it open and enjoy.



Been stuck working and am thinking of riding.  Wanna be on my bike, on the trail, sun shining down, wind whispping by cooling me gently and my perma-grin greets the creatures I pass by as my wheels spin round and round.  Yea, dreaming… but that’s what it is for me when I’m out there.  Doesn’t matter if I’m bombing down gnarly technical single track or rolling out on an open fire trails.  Even riding around my neighborhood, on the street, to the market, bank, where ever… If I’m riding, I’m in bliss and all that is happening is NOW!