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Specialized’s Bad Ass Electric Down / Up Hiller :: 2016 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR

This electric bike tech has come along way! Having gone through the review, I am impressed and envious. It looks like the best of both worlds between downhill mountain biking and dirt biking… both of which I dig a lot. Difference is this hybrid, easy maintenance (no more top-end rebuilds, oil / gas mixing, etc.), quiet, decent charge time and milage… kick-ass beast of a bike that weighs wayyy less than your yz250. While their is a sacrifice in immense power and balls our two/four stroke engines offer… I think this is a great glimpse of the future where electric bike technology is heading.

It’s Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo — More Mountain Bike Photos

GoPro Hero 3+ :: Black Edition

Helmet Cams:  GoPro Hero 3+ Black EditionGoPro_HelmetCam_1

We all know GoPro has changed how we watch sports.  From various points of view, whether underwater, in the sky or flying down a trail… these cameras are the industry standard for all action cinematography.  They are built to take a beating and some.  They may be one of the more expensive options out there but they pack a wallop capturing full HD at fast frame rates (1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 & 4Kp15 and 2.7Kp30 ) for smooth fluid slow motion and high resolution cinema quality.


Attach one of these bad boys to your helmet as you bomb down a flowy single track trail… or on your bike or both!?! :)