Bike, it’s good for you

Chapter 1 -Introduction: Why Biking Is Better Than Other Exercises.  By

Biking is an amazing all round sport. It is also easy and enjoyable. Biking focuses on strengthening all body muscles through various coordinated movements that keep the bicycle in motion. While other exercises are good for the body, biking is the best exercise for a total workout. This is because it utilizes every muscle in the body and ensures that even the “hard to exercise” body regions are given a thorough workout.

“Hard to exercise” areas of the body include the abdomen, butt and lower back muscles. These areas usually require specialized exercise regimes in order to give them a full workout. For instance, the abdomen would require push ups and leg ups in order to be strengthened. During biking exercises, the abdomen is relied upon to pitch other body areas for exercise thus eliminating the need for push ups. The butt muscle or more scientifically, the gluteus muscle is used to propel the “push” force on individual legs for pushing the bicycle pedal.

During a workout, the legs usually push on the pedal giving the calf muscles a workout. The hands hold on to the bike controls ensuring that the shoulder and upper back muscles are actively contributing to supporting the upper body. The torso is moved in a rhythmic movement every time the hip muscles are moved up and down by the leg movements. Finally the abdomen acts as a pivot point for the entire body movements and as a result helping to burn any stubborn fat deposits around this area.

Biking over Swimming

You may argue that swimming is also an all round sport and it beats biking but research has proven that swimming is less vigorous than biking and produces results slower than biking. Swimming also easily wears out the limb muscles leading to painful cramping over a short period of time. Biking will require you to do a major workout before the limbs start to show signs of strain and cramping.

While swimming is a good sport, biking supersedes this sport because of its ability to give individual muscles stronger exercise. Swimming is good exercise for the legs, arms and back but it does not give proper workouts to the torso and gluteus muscle. It relies heavily on the thigh and calf muscle, hand muscles and shoulder muscles as compared to other body muscles.

Biking tends to work the entire leg muscles starting with ankle muscles because of pedaling up to the calf muscle for the push movements and the thigh muscle for strength.

Another advantage of biking over swimming is its natural nature. Swimming requires you to hold your breath and get into the water. Biking allows you to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort of easy breathing.

Yes, it does make you breathless after a serious workout but it is not demanding on breathing in the beginning of the exercise. It allows enough time to build up before it begins to labor on your breathing.

Biking over Running and Jogging

Running is a sport that is favored by many athletes but it tends to be a grueling exercise that may not be tolerable to many. Jogging is usually preferred by many people over running. Biking on the other hand delivers faster results especially in weight loss and it has the most tolerable workouts as compared to running and jogging.

While running does deliver on weight loss goals, it’s usually difficult to lose weight that accumulates on the trunk. Most times, weight will be shed off starting with the hips, butt and legs then slowly the upper body begins to show signs of muscle build up. The weight loss process as evidenced by athletes shows a slow and gradual weight loss process that only works for the small to average sized individuals.

For overweight individuals, running is a no-no. This is because it places great strain on the heart and lower limbs of the individual. Running can cause severe health complications in overweight persons. Biking is a more tolerable exercise for individuals who may be a tad weighty, as it does not accumulate pressure on the lower limbs due to added support from the sitting position of the exercise.

Biking is the only exercise that can accommodate all classes of individuals as clustered by weight.

Biking over Weights

Pushing weights is a sport that is male dominated as compared to other sports. This may be probably because testosterone, a hormone for muscle growth, is more pronounced in men over women. Hence to some extent, the sport tends to be biased against one sex. Women push weights but are limited by the testosterone hormone factor. They may do so to keep fit and tone their bodies but rarely do they engage in the sport to build muscle.

Biking enables you to keep fit while maintaining an admirable physique without weight lifting. The sport is safer and produces results faster than weight lifting. Depending on how disciplined you are, biking will produce better, all rounded results in weight loss and good body physique. The sport is comfortable and delivers good results in a short time span over weight lifting.

Biking over Tennis

While the sport is a good way to exercise, it requires two or more participants in order to enjoy a good game. A tennis player may wish to play the sport individually against a returning surface but it does not elicit they joy of exercise as biking does. Playing against a human being does bring the joy but then this means that you will always require company in order to enjoy the sport.

Biking can be done alone without relying on the company in order to actualize it. You could go out alone and ride your bike as you enjoy nature and the surrounding environment and come back a fulfilled soul.

Tennis has also been known to cause injury to joint muscles over time. The rigorous nature of the sport tends to create unnatural movements that may cause an individual to twist the knee or elbows in ways that lead to injury of the specific joints. Thus said, the possibility of injuries tends to be higher than in biking.

During biking, the joints move in natural movements that are rhythmic to bike movements thus greatly reducing the chances of injury.

Biking over Ball Sports

Ball sports include rugby, football, volleyball, basketball and basically any other sport with its name linked to the word “ball” These ball sports are favored by many but they come with a lot of injuries, strain and sacrifice. They cannot be possible without some sort of running or jogging in between ball juggling. For extreme sports such as rugby, the running and jogging translates into pushing, shoving, attacks and impacts.

The extreme nature of these sports pushes the body hard to achieve results and may lead to other sport related injuries that eventually keep you off the pitch. The best thing about biking is that there is no impact expected except in accidental cases; running and jogging is completely eliminated unless of course the biker is interested in coupling several forms of sport and the pushing and the attacks never occur in the biking world.

The beauty of biking is its accommodating nature. It is not a selective sport against factors such as sex, ability or the weight of the individual. This sport is open to all ages and anyone interested in trying it out is not required to meet specific criteria to be able to participate. It is a sport that has a cutting edge over and above all other forms of exercise.

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